Hire a Tax Pro From Your Couch And Get a Great Refund!

Why spend your precious time figuring out tax software or waiting in line at a Tax Prep Agency's office? Get an Instant Quote
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Quick & easy access to highly experienced Tax Pros

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Save up to 60%. Moneyback guarantee up to $250

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Easy to Use mobile-friendly platform with 256-bit encryption

Here Is How It Works

Select Package

1Select a Package

Answer a few basic question about your tax return so we can create your own customized tax package for you. We will also show you your tax prep fees instantly.

Tax pro

2Choose a Tax Pro & Pay

We match you with Tax Professionals with the right expertise so you can pick one that you like.

Upload documents

3Upload Your Documents

Upload all your Tax Documents such as W2s and 1099s to our secure platform with 256-bit encryption. Your information is safe with us and it is only shared with your Tax Pro.


4Review Your Tax Return

Your tax return is prepared by your Tax Pro and sent to you for approval. You can always ask for changes if you're not satisfied. Also, you're free to message, call or email your Tax Pro any number of times.

e-file tax

5Your Tax Pro e-Files It For You

That's it! Your Tax Pro will e-file your return so you can get your refund back.

Why Accountively?

Your time is precious! No need to spend hours trying to figure our complicated Tax software. No more waiting in line at a Tax Prep Agency's office with binders of Tax Documents and old returns. We make Tax Prep easy for you so you can focus on things that you love.

We make Tax Prep easy for you....

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Accountively launches its cloud-based platform to help taxpayers complete their tax return effortlessly

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